CS Case Study 1

When I joined this group
, I was a total mess. I had the shakes, unable to concentrate, very tearful, low self-esteem, lots of anxieties, scared and I didn’t value my life. I was feeling low about myself, worthless and disgusting of who I was, and what people had turned me into. I didn’t like me as a person, ashamed of the hurtful things that I endured as a child. I thought that I would be judged all over again and that made me feel insecure. I found it difficult to talk to people and maintain eye contact. I was all over the place, unsure if I’m coming or going.

What the group did for me was amazing. In the group I was able to express my hurtful feelings without being judged. The people within the group were friendly, kind and made me feel a part of something. I felt that I belonged and loved. Being in the group has helped me to develop my confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, which I’m still working on. The group has brought me alive; it gave me something to look forward to. Through the group I’m now able to catch up with my lost friends and families. I no longer want to stay indoors and hide away from the world. Being with the group helps me to feel positive and take pride of myself.

How I feel now is amazing, I’m able to hold my head high and walk with confidence. I rarely ever have mood swings. I am able to go out more with friends and enjoy having people around to visit. I don’t get anxious about the things that used to bother me before. I often try to maintain a positive outlook on whatever is happening around me. I now feel that I can do and achieve whatever I want to do. I feel like I have a voice now, and can take on and deal with certain situations without getting anxious.
I have achieved a lot since starting this group. I know now that the people, who were nasty to me, have no place or value in my life. My household is much calmer, the children now feel that they can approach me without feeling sad. We are going out much more as a family and keeping each other’s spirits up.

My achievement has been really positive. I am now back at work doing the job I love and adore. Going out to keep fit classes, cycling as often as possible and maintaining contact with friends and important families. I’ve now started my GCSE at college, something I always shy away from, because I always thought I wasn’t good enough or was made to feel that way. I’m smiling a lot more now.

Michelle is a great facilitator. She made me feel secure, value and love from the beginning right to the end.
She has made the lesson relaxing, fun and enjoyable, by introducing outdoor fun, games and videos.
Having Michelle in my life has changed my outlook to life, because she is always there when ever I need her or need to call upon.
She makes it fun and enjoyable. I always feel relaxed during my group sessions.

CS Case Study 2

When I first started this group I was lacking in independence, assertiveness, unemployed and feeling deserted. I felt my world was falling apart. My relationship of six years ended suddenly. My children reacted badly. My mental, physical and psychological health was deeply affected. The trauma of experiencing a relationship breakdown affected my parenting skills. My daughter was excluded from school on the last day. The school encouraged her to change from her original choice of acting, drama and production. She failed production and was at the verge of giving up. Now she has decided to study teaching. She is due to start work and studying once a week. She is much happier, our relationship has improved since I started this course. I was unable to go out as my moods were low. Now I am employed and back on track. I have been studying and working in Pharmacy for twenty-one years. After becoming ill so many times I was considering giving up Pharmacy. After my personal advisor helped me to revamp my CV, I managed to secure an interview and secure a permanent job. Now I am having to fend off the telephone calls. I am working part-time in my old job. This course has been a life saver.

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